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+49 160 92038642

Hollee C
2 weeks ago
Joshua is not only a very talented masseuse, he is also extremely knowledgable about muscles in general and has given me several suggestions for improving my fitness level that have greatly helped. He is intuitive, calm and kind.
Daniel Lambert
2 weeks ago
I suffered with neck and back pain for years. Joshua's treatment always relieved the most pain for me and left me feeling relaxed and able to sleep well.
A Amani
8 months ago
I had severe pain in neck/shoulder and ignored it for several years until it became unbearable. I had two sessions with Josh. During these sessions he taught me what to do to heal myself. I am very thankful for the lessons. He isn’t there for the money. He could have taught me all that during ten sessions. I salute to you Josh. Thanks. My life got much better.
Gabriela W
2 weeks ago
Josh ist ein sehr einfühlsamer und vor allem kompetenter Therapeut, der nicht nur sehr gut Muskelverspannungen und Knoten mittels Massage löst, sondern auch gute Übungen zur Entspannung und Stärkung der Muskulatur parat hat. Er hat Tipps zur ganzheitlichen Therapie. Seit Jahren bin ich bei diversen Masseuren, aber einen so guten Therapeuten wie Josh hatte ich noch nie.
Alexander Berfeld
a month ago
Josh beeindruckt mit einer sehr guten Massage, super Tipps und ungeheurem Fachwissen über den Körper, die Muskeln und was man gegen muskuläre Schmerzen tun kann/soll.