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My name is Joshua, from Melbourne Australia, and I specialise in the advanced form of remedial massage called Myotherapy.

A branch of manual medicine that focuses on the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Myotherapy is used to restore and maintain the normal integrity of soft tissue structures.

With a main focus on the musculoskeletal, lymph, and nervous systems, I use a variety of massage techniques to improve blood circulation to affected/ blocked areas, awaken the body and ultimately rehabilitate the main cause of pain.

Taking into consideration the importance of harnessing the patient’s nervous system and moving past the gates of the mind’s control is crucial for achieving both structural and sensory changes during myotherapy for rehabilitative purposes.

This approach optimizes how the brain’s network sends and receives messages throughout the body, enhancing physical alignment, improving sensory feedback, and leading to more accurate and efficient movement patterns. Such comprehensive adjustments ensure a holistic recovery, fostering sustained improvements in mobility, pain reduction, and overall well-being.

Each individual is inherently distinct, characterized by an exclusive configuration of physiological, biological and psychological components, thereby precluding a universal remedy for all. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the specific attributes of an individual’s body and determine the most suitable course of action for rehabilitating, restoring homeostasis and balancing Yin and Yang energies.

This concept is derived from the ancient Chinese medical philosophy of Yin-Yang, which describes the opposing but interconnected forces that exist in all aspects of life, including the human body. The principles of Yin-Yang theory emphasize the importance of restoring balance and harmony in the body for optimal health and wellbeing.

While most types of massage aim to relax the body and mind, myotherapy can go beyond that and rehabilitate the body to reconnect with the mind and heal itself naturally and safely, allowing the patient to return to thoughtless fearless movement after an injury.

Evidence-based research has shown that massage therapy can promote the body’s natural balance and equilibrium by reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and enhancing proprioception.

To be in harmony with oneself is to live long and sustainable from our own energy/ breath.
Like an ocean current shaping our planet, how we breathe also affects our internal structures and mechanisms.

For these reasons, I have dedicated my research and practice to assist in the prevention, discovery and recovery from pain and looking forward to helping you.