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Therapeutic Massage in Berlin

To assist in the process of discovery and recovery from pain.


Myotherapy is a muscle therapy which focuses on treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Acute pain is described as pain that has lasted less than six weeks in duration, and may resolve itself with little or no intervention.

However, pain that is sub-acute or chronic, lasting longer than six weeks in duration, is likely to require attention and care. There are several forms of massage that are particularly effective for discovering and recovering from pain.

Anyone considering massage for chronic pain should find out more about the different techniques available to them in order to make the most of their massage experience.

The Benefits:

Massage therapy will increase blood flow to the injured tissues to speed up tissue repair process. Relaxing the muscles also achieves an improved range of movement. And depending on the style of massage, the muscles can also be strengthened to prevent injuries. Massage can also be used for relaxation and general-wellbeing.

My Myotherapy Journey

“When I started learning myotherapy in 2009 Melbourne Australia, I realised very quickly that helping people makes me happy. I decided not only to massage people in a wellness setting, but also to educate them afterwards about what imbalances I notice. And assist in the process of discovery and recovery from pain, with precise instructions and recommendations for action.”