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Therapeutic Massage in Berlin

To assist in the process of discovery and recovery from pain.


Myotherapy is a form of muscle therapy which focuses on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies. (¹)

Acute pain is described as pain that has lasted less than six weeks in duration, and may resolve itself with little or no intervention.

However, pain that is sub-acute or chronic, lasting longer than six weeks in duration, is likely to require attention and care. There are several forms of massage that are particularly effective for discovering and recovering from pain.

Chronic pain is a different medical condition involving abnormal peripheral or central neural function. (²)

Anyone considering massage for chronic pain should find out more about the different techniques available to them in order to make the most of their massage experience.

Rehabilitation Synergy

Manual Therapy and Tailored Exercise Integration

Depending on the severity of the injury, setting a foundation around exercise both physically and mentally is crucial to a full recovery and preventing re-injury.

Exercise frequency is greater in the beginning to re-train skills or habits.
As the patient progresses and gains confidence in movement,
the importance of specific exercises is less.

” After finishing my studies in 2009 at the Kangan Institute in Melbourne, I began working in the Spa at Day Dream Island on the coast of Queensland Australia, then for 2 years as one of the first therapists in the new Isika Spa in Crown Metropol Hotel as it opened in Melbourne in 2010.

Helping individuals discover where or what is causing the pain experience and recover from an injury to reach homeostasis became quickly my focus, and in 2010 I further studied personal training to understand more about movement.

I made a conscious decision to teach the tools and knowledge needed for self-healing and pain prevention.

I have been freelancing in Berlin since 2021, where I joined Praxis Anjali, a multidisciplinary praxis in Charlottenburg, and also started teaching massage therapy at Kisa Akadmie, whilst building my own clientele of patients who seek more specific help to rehabilitate from various musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.

The main goal is to treat the patient first to discover the cause, and then be able to effectively and efficiently treat their pain second. I have dedicated my research and practice to assist in the discovery and recovery from pain and look forward to helping you.”