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After finishing my studies in 2009 at the Kangan Institute in Melbourne, I began working in the Spa at Day Dream Island on the coast of Queensland Australia, then for 2 years as one of the first therapists in the new Isika Spa in Crown Metropol Hotel as it opened in Melbourne in 2010.

Helping individuals discover where or what is causing the pain experience and how to investigate structural limitations became quickly my focus, and in 2010 I further studied personal training to understand more about movement.

Through my studies, I made a conscious decision not only to practice the art of wellness and remedial massage, however also to teach knowledge needed for self-healing and pain prevention.

I have been freelancing in Berlin since 2021, where I joined Praxis Anjali, a multidisciplinary praxis in Charlottenburg, and also started in the same year teaching massage therapy at Kisa Akademie, whilst building my own clientele of patients who seek more specific help to rehabilitate from various musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.

June 2024 marks the beginning of a new chapter working in Berlin where I have begun offering treatments and workshops every Monday and Tuesday at Jetzt & Hier praxis in Berlin Mitte.

The main goal is to treat the patient first to discover the cause, and then be able to effectively and efficiently treat their pain second. I have dedicated my research and practice to assist in the discovery and recovery from pain and look forward to helping you.